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A World of Hockey in Your Hands

This is a book that parents and players truly need. From kids to Junior and Pro, it addresses the many questions, concerns, situations, that constantly come up during a lifetime playing hockey. It is loaded with detail on how to become a better hockey player. It encourages understanding and communication between players, parents, and coaches. If there is such a thing as a ‘must have’ hockey book – this is it.

Most Informative Hockey Book for Parents and Players Ever!

Loaded With Detailed Information:

      • Facts
      • Quotes
      • Interviews
      • Research
      • and Humour

Big and Beautiful

Thirty Chapters

280 Pages

8.5 x 11 Inches

Full Colour

More Than 100 Memorable Images

A Hockey Journey Through Life

From Minor Hockey through to Junior and Pro. Answering questions, improving skills, advice, direction, and dealing with difficulty. Your friend and travel companion through hockey and life.

A Great Read

Big, but easy. Pages that read like life itself; serious, light, laughter, it has it all.  A clear and enjoyable read.