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To Educate Players and parents about life in hockey. How to become a better hockey player, and much more! The book encourages communication, better decision making, improved attitudes and behaviors for players, parents, and coaches.

Excellent Source of Income for your team, association, academy. 35% from each book. From hundreds to thousands of dollars profit for an easy, very beneficial, and no risk fundraiser. Money Allocation: 35% to Hockey Team or Association

The Book is Great for all readers from grades 5-6 to adults. This book is colorful, feels friendly, and has it all – everything from the serious to the humorous. It is a book that one can truly enjoy reading. Great for classroom silent reading, library time, book reports, and more.

Call us at 1 250 569 7575 or 250 569 7182 or email [email protected] with your name and phone number and we will send you the books. They come in a box of 16 but you can order as few as 8. Promotional material and displays are included. These books are great as a fundraiser, at concession stands, to use as door prizes, or as a gift. Hand out order cards in dressing rooms or in their holders. Parents and players love this book!

What You Get
a. Posters
b. Order cards with QR code to hand out to players and parents.
c. A ready to print article regarding the Fundraiser for your local Paper

To Order

To place team orders call 1 250 569 7575 or 1 250 569 7182 or email [email protected] with your name and phone number. We will take your information and send the books. Payment can be made with credit card, E-transfer, or direct bank transfer.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE PERSONALLY WANTING A BOOK AND ARE ASSOCIATED WITH A HOCKEY TEAM OR LEAGUE, CONSIDER DIRECTING COACHES, MANAGERS, EXECUTIVE, TO www.hockeyislife.net . Encourage your team to take part in the fundraiser.  If you are a Parent, offer to set up the Fundraiser for the team – take orders, hand out books, etc. If you do, the profits from the book will go toward your team. Good for everyone!